At Ester Electrical we work on a wide range of commercial, civil and residential projects through our various divisions.

Our scale and resources ensure we will deliver your project safely, within time and on budget.

Our project management team and quality control systems allow us to deliver an exceptional finish.

We value close communication with our clients on and off the job, offering efficiency and cost-saving options at every stage of your project.

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We pride ourselves on bringing solutions to your project. We listen to what you say, ask questions to make sure we've got it clear, and advise you when it is important to the success of your project - in short, we work in partnership with you.

Our management team has a strong focus on utilising modern technologies to drive efficiency in the day to day running of Esters projects and service.

  • Kyle - Estimation and contracts.

  • Sheryl - Accounts, procurement and operations.

  • Scott - Project management and onsite coordination.

  • Jared - Minor projects and electrical servicing.

We have several site foreman, electricians and service technicians that ensure our projects and service work is completed to our high standard.

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