Top Switchgear 2021

Top Switchgear Designs 2021

Switchgear can make or break the look of your home, and with so many new designs it is hard to choose something that will stand the test of time. We have compiled a list of our favourite switchgear designs we believe not only look good but will be around for years to come.

PDL Ionic

The long-awaited successor to the PDL 600 series that you would recognize from your bedroom light switch. This is the latest style in power outlets and light switches from PDL. The design takes into account not only aesthetics but functionality and usability as well. Being completely modular means changing switches for dimmers or completely changing the look is easy and fast.

The biggest advantage of the iconic series is the range of faceplates and the fact you do not have to change the switch to change the look. Simply just clip off the faceplate and clip a new one on. Find out more about this range at

PDL Saturn Zen

This is a beautiful, simple design. Saturn Zen offers an award-winning, stylish, subtle design that complements any modern, architectural or contemporary interior. Featuring LED push-button functionality, clean lines and matte finishes, these electronic devices will complement any interior décor. With many additional options, this is a well-supported range and is found in many homes throughout New Zealand


Legrand Excel Life

Slimmer plates and contemporary switches make this an ideal design for today’s consumers. However, the improvements go far beyond looks. By miniaturizing technology and designing modularly, Excel Life provides greater flexibility and control to the contractor, specifier, and end-user, resulting in a great all-round product. If you are looking for a flat glossy rocker or push operated switch. Excel life is the switchgear for you.

We can get it all

Whatever your switchgear preference is we can supply it from specially made-to-order plates shipped from London to the classic 600 series.