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Earthing Solutions & Earth Grids

Our team of experienced installers can design, supply, install and service earthing needs for your new and existing sites. Our network of external suppliers and engineers allows us to provide an unbiased, professional solution to your project. We have supplied and installed earthing grids for Data Centers, Tunneling and Infrastructure projects through to apartment buildings and temporary structures for construction and events.

Some of our earthing services (to name just a few)

Soil Resistivity & Earth Resistivity Reports

Often done as a requirement in the outset of the project to determine the type and size of the site's earthing requirements, the higher resistivity of the substrate, the more advanced the earthing system needs to be. Typically, engineers are concerned with the soil's allowance of electrical current; different soil types carry varying resistivity. This has a cascading effect on the buildings electrical safety systems in the event of an electrical fault, surge, or lightning strike. The most common method when measuring the earth resistance of an earth electrode is the 3- point measuring technique. The resulting soil resistivity is expressed in ohm-meters or ohm-centimeters. In electrical grounding design, testing soil resistivity is the single most critical factor.

Earth Grid Design

With large areas of Auckland being on volcanic rock it's not unusual for earthing systems needing to be re-designed or engineered upon composition of soil resistivity tests. Upon earth/soil resistivity testing, we can evaluate the report and re-engineer or design the system to provide an earthing system to reduce the earthing resistance and minimize the GPR (Ground Potential Rise). The evaluation of grounding systems, cathodic protection systems, and several other infrastructure studies require knowledge of the electrical characteristics of the soil. That is what it is critical to use Earthing specialists such us Ester Electrical to determine your site earthing requirements.

Installation of Earthing Grids

From installing a simple earth matt in a residential property through to complex earthing and earth grid solutions for large infrastructure projects, our team can design, supply and install your earthing solution.

Ester Electrical is your go-to specialist installer of earthing systems and components, get in touch with our team for any assistance in the design, supply or installation of an earthing system or earth grid for your project or existing building.

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