Lightning Protection - Design, Supply & Install

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Lightning Protection - Design, Supply & Install

We have installed lightning protection on a wide range of sites, from large warehouses, Gantry cranes, asphalt towers, commercial buildings, and data centers. Adequate lightning protection and subsequent surge diversion is critical for sites prone to lightning strikes, minimizing risk of an interrupted power supply due to lightning strikes/power surges are minimised. Ester Electrical lightning protection works also includes modification of existing systems, disconnect and relocation, planned maintenance or addition of on-roof HVAC, cladding and other on-roof services.

Lightning Protection Risk Analysis

Do you have a new or existing building you suspect may be at risk to lighting strikes? Or has had a lightning strike? Our Engineer can undertake a lightning protection Risk Assessment to determine if your structure requires lightning protection. This can give you peace of mind and certainty that your building will be suitably protected. Following the lightning protection analysis, we offer lightning and surge protection design and risk assessment.

Site Study & Design of Lightning Protection System

Our team can undertake a study & design of a lightning protection system suited to your building and structure. Our team will then provide recommendations on a suitable lightning and surge protection solution for your site or project.

Installation of Lightning Protections System

Ester Electrical has supplied and installed a wide range of lightning protection systems, from large single air terminal installations on structures through to sites with a large footprint requiring 35+ air terminals, 1000m+ of Aluminum interweave conductor.

Servicing & Maintenance of your Lightning Projection System

As with all electrical installations, including lightning protection, they require regular servicing and testing, ensuring all termination and connections are correctly torqued, undamaged, broken or corroded along with continuity testing of the system.

Our design & Install process for lightning protection systems:

Some of the many different types of lightning protection Ester Electrical can install:

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