Subdivision Cabling & Cabling for JOAL (Jointly Owned Access Lane)

We are full service registered master electricians in Auckland.
We provide our services in Auckland Central, West Auckland, South Auckland & North Auckland.

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Do you require power & fiber cabling run in for your private subdivision, roadway, JOAL or Minor Dwelling?

Our civil services team has experience in running in utilities, from two title subdivisions to 110+titles, private developments, Jointly Owned Access Lanes through to installing electrical services for a minor dwelling on your property, Ester has a cabling solution for you.

Power & Telecom & Street Lighting for JOAL's

Coordination of the services installation in a JOAL is hard work at the best of the time, often incumbered by long waits with power and telecom providers. Ester Electrical can speed up your process, we have teams certified to work on both the Chorus and Vector Network in Auckland. The key is to get us involved early ion in your project so we can coordinate with the utility providers from the outset, saving your time We can also design, supply and install both solar and powered street lighting for your subdivision or JOAL.

Incoming Main Services - Power Cabling, Fibre Cabling & Water Mains

We have Several developers that engage Ester Electrical to provide all incoming services to their new properties at the same time, it saves coordination, multiple trenches, time and money. We can install Mains Cabling and duct, Telecom fibre and duct and the incoming water mains. We can also do all the trenching and reinstatement works to provide a turnkey solution for your project.

We offer both Trenched Or Trenchless ducting installation:

Trenchless - In some cases, digging a trench to run ducting isn’t possible, realistic or economical, we still have you covered! Through our network of delivery partners, we can offer directional drilling / Trenchless installation of power, fibre and water ducting.

Trenching - We offer trenching solutions inhouse, from installing mains and telecom cabling at a golf course, subdivisions, private property or at your commercial or civil site, Ester can offer both trenching and reinstatement services alongside the installation of our Electrical Services.

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